Rudy Giuliani Faces Lawsuit From Former Attorneys

rudy giuliani

The latest lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani is from the lawyers who had represented him recently during the series of lawsuits and investigations. The firm claims that Giuliani owed them $1.3 million in legal fees that are yet to be paid. The former mayor of New York City is dealing with increasing bills as the fallout from his actions surrounding the 2020 elections supporting Donald Trump, grows larger and larger.

The Next Accusation Against Rudy Giuliani

Davidoff Hutcher & Citron, Giuliani’s estranged law firm, claimed that only $214,000 had been paid from the entire bill. This leaves a whopping $1,360,196 still remaining to be paid to the attorneys of the firm. They had worked for Rudy Giuliani during the criminal investigation into foreign lobbying accusations; the investigations connected to January 6th led by the state of Georgia; as well as several other probes into attorney discipline and lawsuits that surfaced following the elections of 2020. The details were listed in the complaint filed on September 18th in the state court of New York.

The filing further stated that Rudy Giuliani employed the services of the firm between late 2019 and July of this year. Giuliani had apparently last paid them $10,000 4 days before the filing. On September 18th, Ted Goodman, Rudy Giuliani’s spokesman, provided a statement on the disgraced lawyer’s behalf.

He said that he was deeply hurt by Bob Costello’s actions. He finds it shameful when attorneys attempt to act in such a manner. Giuliani also claims that the billed amount is much higher than anything that can be regarded as legitimate. Robert Costello is one of the partners of the law firm Davidoff Hutcher. He has also been in contact with Giuliani for a long term as well as representing Steve Bannon in the past.

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