The Afghan Refugee Program Will Allow More Afghans To Settle In the US!

Afghan Refugee Program
Afghan Refugee Program

As violence increases in Afghanistan due to the advancement of the Taliban, the Afghan Refugee Program will allow more Afghans to settle in the US. On Monday, the administration of US President Joe Biden declared that the Afghan Refugee Program will allow more Afghans to settle in the United States. The reason behind this is the rising threat to the Afghans due to violence created by the Taliban in Afghanistan. 

Need Referral From US-Based Employer To Be Eligible For The Afghan Refugee Program!

The decision on Monday will allow those Afghans working in media outlets, US-based aid groups, and other various organizations to resettle in the country. The Afghans are now eligible to see their status as refugees. In a short briefing, a senior official of the State Department said that many Afghans along with their family members are facing constant risk because of their affiliations to the US. That is why the Afghan Refugee Program will be allowing more Afghans to settle in the US.

The Afghans at risk from the Taliban will be eligible to seek their status as refugees if their US-based employer refers them to the Department. Along with other officials, Anthony Blinken, State Secretary acknowledged that more Afghans will now be facing severe security and financial obstacles while fleeing their homeland. The process of vetting them for refugee status might even take twelve to fourteen months! 

The Afghan Refugee Program will be helping these Afghans a lot! At his briefing on Monday, Anthony Blinken said that he doesn’t want to deny the difficulty or challenge in bringing those Afghans to the US. However, he conceded that Afghans working for US-based aid groups and organizations will be feeling a critical sense of fear and threat!