Cassidy Hutchinson Speaks Out In First  Testimony

Cassidy Hutchinson

Cassidy Hutchinson, among the core Trump aides at the White House during the former president’s tenure, has given her first interview. It comes a year after giving testimony that could be incriminating for the Republican president.

Speaking before the committee investigating the insurrection and riots on January 6, 2021, Cassidy Hutchinson defended her recounting of the events. It was her first interview on national television a year after she had testified under oath. The former aide said that Trump was dangerous to the nation. She said that the former president had time and again proved that he would not stop lying to vulnerable people to continue to hold onto power. She said that was the most dangerous step that anyone can take.

Cassidy Hutchinson Displayed Courage In The Face Of Overwhelming Odds

Cassidy Hutchinson has stepped forward and given compelling testimony directly incriminating for instigating the insurrection and the riots that followed to hold onto power. She proved that she had the credibility, the credentials, and the courage to speak the truth, despite being undoubtedly aware that she would be stalked for the rest of her life.

Senate Republicans have failed to display the same courage as Cassidy Hutchinson when it came to voting to impeach the former president. Hutchinson was the former assistant to Mark Meadows, the Chief of Staff. She had to flee Washington on the advice of her legal team when her safety was under threat following her disclosure.

For months, Cassidy Hutchinson remained in Atlanta. Hutchinson was the first member of the White House to testify before the House Committee. On June 28 last year, she gave a detailed first-hand account of all that had transpired in the house leading to the insurrection at the Capitol.

Cassidy Hutchinson said that she almost backed out at the last moment but was persuaded by her attorney to testify. She said she remains a Republican but would definitely not back Trump in his bid for the White House in 2024.