Kate Walsh Talked About Returning Home

Kate Walsh Addison Montgomery

Just like Madeline in Emily in Paris, was glad to be back home in Chicago, Kate Walsh returning to Grey’s Anatomy. Where she gained her name from is ABC medical drama. Recently she was invited on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show, where Kate opened up about her feelings about rejoining the old project and old cast. It is a huge adrenaline rush that brings you back to the good old days.

Seniority Comes With Responsibility And Now It Kate Walsh’s Turn

Madeline seems to have failed to take care of her savior in Paris, but Kate Walsh pulled off the first season of Grey’s Anatomy like a boss. She feels like going back to school and seeing juniors’ faces, bringing back all the memories from the past. Some nostalgia and bittersweet moments. When Kate Walsh first starred in the show she met those ‘interns’ they are all grown up now.

She never stopped praising anyone from the Grey’s Anatomy team for once. She is grateful to Krista Vernoff for writing this amazing opportunity for Kate Walsh and letting her thrive through her characters, which led her to explore how capable she is. Krista Vernoff is stepping down from Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19, and this time probably permanently. She has left Grey’s Anatomy before, and came back again in 2017 with season 14.

Kate Walsh would probably be the only senior star in the show, last year Ellen Pompeo also left, and her character Dr.Meredith’s story ended with her moving to Seattle Washington. Though she would be pursuing her other projects on Hulu, Orphan. She would be coming back to give a surprise visit which officially announced would be Vernoff’s last episode in February.

Kate Walsh is a big fan of both Ellen and Krista and like any other fan, she does believe both wonder woman is welcome there, whenever they feel the need to come home.