CDC Announces Fresh Mask Mandates


The CDC introduced a fresh set of guidelines in order to fight the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The new guidelines were introduced on the 27th of July that fell on a Wednesday. The rules basically dealt with the subject of wearing masks. The agency stated that fully inoculated citizens will have to remain masked both indoors and outdoors. And that is if they belong to an area where the virus has spread abundantly. And as for, almost the entire country falls within that category excluding a few areas. They are in the northeastern region of the Upper Midwest.

CDC On The Delta Variant

Dr. Rochelle Walnsky, the director of the CDC, gave a statement with regard to the newly introduced guidelines. It was stated that this decision was something that was taken randomly. The director acknowledged the fact that the public was extremely frustrated and tired with the mask mandates. However, she also stated a few graphs with regard to the pattern of the coronavirus infection. She stated that there was still a chance for the inoculated people to get infected. And more importantly, they can still be a carrier of the deadly virus. Wollensky further mentioned the Delta variant stating that every day, the virus was posing a threat to the authorities.

The CDC has delivered its announcement as the country witnessed a surge in the Delta variant infection cases. As a result, a number of cities have already stated the importance of wearing masks indoors like in St. Louis and Los Angeles. Several health experts of the public had been asserting pressure on the CDC in order to bring about a change in the policy. They wanted them to let the people know about the importance of staying masked indoors in the red zone areas.

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