Beyonce Is Now On Tiktok


Beyonce is one of the most famous celebrities in the world. She is an extremely talented singer with fans worldwide. The singer is one of the most successful stars of recent times. Her full name is Beyonce Knowles and was born on 4th September 1981. Knowles possesses multiple talents. 

Apart from singing, she can also write quality songs. The singer has also appeared in a number of films. She is seriously considering her career as an actress. The star has a huge fan following. The number of fans might just well increase with her new move. Knowles has decided to have a Tiktok account. 

The news was revealed recently when users noticed her account. Fans of the singer suddenly noticed an account having the name of Knowles. However, they were not ready to believe initially. Most of the audience thought that the account was not real. 

However, it was quickly revealed to be a real account. Sony Music came up with a tweet that went viral immediately. The tweet contained a screenshot of the newly opened account. They captioned it saying that the account indeed belonged to Beyonce. The company also praised the star by terming her as a queen. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Beyonce’s TikTok Account Goes Viral Instantly

It seemed like the fans were waiting for the moment. No sooner had Beyonce opened her account, followers started pouring. The account garnered a whopping 175,000 followers in just one night. There are still no posts or pictures set up by the star yet. TikTok is becoming immensely popular in the United States. Several celebrities have opened their account on the platform.  

Beyonce is expected to continue adding up followers. She has more than a 223million following her on Instagram. 15.5m and 56m are the number of followers for Beyonce on Twitter and Facebook.