Stimulus Check Update: Biggest Amount For Alaskans

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The US federal government has made no announcement of providing the fourth stimulus check and the citizens are struggling to maintain finances. In such a situation, several states have come forward to help their residents cope with the high living costs due to inflation. 

Out of the 3 stimulus checks paid by the central government of America, the largest one was worth $1,400 for each eligible dependent as well as an adult. 

Largest Stimulus Check Coming Soon 

Stimulus checks had been a source of great financial aid for Americans during the coronavirus pandemic. However, the inflation has made it worse for the people and states are offering small relief payments in the form of tax rebates so they can stay afloat and buy basic things like gas, food, and medication. 

The government of Alaska has made the thrilling announcement of proving a huge $3,200 stimulus check to eligible residents. The state of Alaska has decided to give the annual dividend from their oil wealth as a stimulus check and single relief money. Eligible Alaskans are relieved to hear this news. 

Oil Wealth Relief Money 

Mike Dunleavy is the Governor of Alaska and he tweeted that the stimulus money will start going out on 20th September. He also added that the amount of relief payment is a whopping $3,200 for each eligible resident. 

He further added that this large sum of money is being shelled out by the government to help during this difficult economic crisis. In addition, Alaskans have been waiting for 7 years for a justifiable and large dividend amount from their oil wealth and this seems to be the perfect time to receive it. 

Almost 78,000 Alaskans applied and only the most eligible will be approved which will be decided by the officials very soon.