Celtics Honor Marcus Smart As He Returns To Boston

Marcus Smart

Marcus Smart was an embodiment of the spirit of the Boston Celtics for almost a decade. His passion and fire rivaled that of Red Auerbach, and the fans of the team supported him with all they had. There was no one quite like Smart as he could never hide his emotions and enthusiasm. He loved being a Celtic and helped the team reach the Finals of the Eastern Conference five times during his stay. Once, he even made it to the finals of the NBA. Unfortunately, Marcus Smart did not win any titles with the Greens, but that does not mean he is any less of a favorite.

An Emotional Trip For Marcus Smart

During the offseason, Marcus Smart was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies, as the Celtics received Kristaps Porzingis. On February 4th, Smart came back to Boston with emotions at full swell. Unfortunately, he could only watch from the sidelines as he recovered from an injury to his right finger. However, the fans let him know how loved he was throughout the duration of the match.

The 2022 Defensive Player of the Year received the Celtics’ honor at the first chance that appeared. The team played a special video in tribute to the player and showcased some of the best moments of Marcus Smart’s career at Boston. The reaction of the fans became vociferous as every drawn charge, steal, and block came on screen. They were already loud, but Jayson Tatum thought it could be better as he kept urging the audience to turn the volume up.

Following the match against the Grizzlies, Tatum reiterated that Marcus Smart was the fan favorite. The match ended with a win for the Celtics with a score of 131 points to 91, over the injury-ridden Memphis Grizzlies.