Chad Johnson Leaves An Impression Despite Being KO’d In Debut

chad johnson
chad johnson

The boxing debut of Chad Johnson was quite impressive until the middle of the 4th round. Brian Maxwell’s huge right hook hit him square in the face, dropping Chad to the ground.

Chad Johnson Sends A Message

Unfortunately, the KO will be on the highlight reels of the night on Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium. 43-year-old Chad Johnson, however, can be proud of standing up again after being knocked down by Maxwell, a professional fighter. He also finished the 4 round exhibition match.

Chad Johnson later said that his life has been all about doing crazy things and taking chances. Boxing was on his bucket list. He said that his showing is supposed to be a message for everyone to not be afraid of taking chances. He said that it’s alright to fall.

No official judges were present at the exhibition match, so there was no declared winner. 33-year-old Brian Maxwell claimed the victory at the end of the fight. He called it an honor to be able to fight his idol Chad and expressed his thanks for the chance.

Maxwell is presently a fighter specializing in bare-knuckle combat. He has a record of 0-3, two of which have come from being knocked out. His score for standard boxing stands at 0-1, and his MMA fight score is 2-3.

Maxwell vs Johnson was the opening bout for the main event of Mayweather vs Paul. It was an entertaining fight, to say the least.

Many spectators had turned up to see Johnson’s debut boxing match who had connections with the NFL. Terrell Owens even came up to Chad Johnson’s corner to care for him a bit. Others in attendance were Brian Flores, the coach of the Miami Dolphins; Jaylen Waddle, the young wide receiver; Stefon Diggs, the receiver for Buffalo Bills, and many more. Chad Johnson was the heavy fan favorite at the arena.

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