Logan Paul vs Mayweather: Bastardization of boxing continues apace!

Logan Paul vs Mayweather
Logan Paul vs Mayweather

It is still unclear if this Logan Paul vs Mayweather game is a canny ploy of marketing or a pantomime. This belief became more stressed when the brother of the Youtuber fighter stole the hat of an undefeated professional boxer. They also got into a very heated pre-match press conference. 

The Logan Paul vs Mayweather Fight Seems To Be An Ultimate Mismatch!

Logan Paul vs Mayweather seems like an ultimate mismatch. However, this is just an addition to the recent lucrative and make-believe exhibition fights which featured on-professional fighters and boxers. This is a hint that the bastardization in boxing is on the increase! The worth of Mayweather is in millions. He also has a 50-0 undefeated record in professional boxing, also the holder of multiple belts featuring world titles!

Paul on the other hand lacks belts but has a lot of views on YouTube under his belt! The views stand at 6 billion and increasing as we speak! He has managed to lose only one professional fight which he fought against another fighter/YouTuber. This is why Logan Paul vs Mayweather seems like an ultimate mismatch! 

Previously we all have witnessed a lot of fights between YouTubers. We have also witnessed fights between MMA stars and boxers. The brother of Paul, Jake fought a very popular YouTuber and an MMA fighter. He has also fought a former player of the NBA and has managed to win every single time! The Logan Paul vs Mayweather match will be taking place on 6th June. We will witness the world of entertainment going head to head with the world of professional boxing inside the ring! The money-minded folks will be going mad with happiness and glee at the Logan Paul vs Mayweather fight!