Allen West The Chairman Of The Texas GOP Announces Resignation

Allen West
Allen West

On Friday, the chairman of the Texas Republican Party Allen West has declared his resignation. In an official statement handed out to the media by Allen West, he says that he will continue to remain the chairman till the 11th of July until a replacement for him is decided upon. However, West hinted at a beginning of a new chapter in his political career. Political analysts are of the opinion that West may run for the statewide office. The Texas GOP dropped hints about the same in his statement after West submitted his irreversible resignation.

The Donald Trump Connection To Allen West

Allen West is a retired lieutenant colonel of the Army. He was a Florida congressman as well only for one time. West was praised for his vigorous efforts towards the priorities of the Legislative by the GOP of Texas. Allen West still had a couple of months in his hand as the GOP Chairman. He struck controversy after he broke the rules and regulations of his chair and his position by criticizing the Governor of Texas Greg Abbott along with other Republicans of Texas. 

West came out to be a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump. It was only last year that West was selected for the position of Texas GOP Chairman. Allen West made headlines when he was critical of the coronavirus restrictions in Texas. Once the Presidential Elections of the year 2020 were over, West untruly stated that there was a possibility of Texas breaking away from the United States. He also supported Donald Trump in his baseless claims of extensive forgery in the Presidential Elections of the year 2020. West may also run for the position of the Texas land Commissioner since General P. Bush is in the run for the attorney general.

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