Chance the Rapper’s Relation With Wife Is “All Good”

Chance the rapper

Chance the Rapper reportedly does not wish to have any problems regarding Kirsten Coley, his wife. In a statement given to TMZ by a representative of the emcee of “No Problem”, the artist and his wife are absolutely alright. This comes in the midst of fans suspecting trouble brewing among the couple following Chance being seen “inappropriately” dancing in the company of a woman that was not his wife.

Chance the Rapper Settled The Issue

In a statement given on April 29th, the representative said that everyone has moments of trouble, however, they are, at present, “all good”. Rumors regarding Chance the Rapper and Kirsten Cole’s marriage issues surfaced earlier in the month. The rapper of “Coloring Book” had gone to Jamaica to celebrate himself turning 30 while attending Carnival 2023.

Mela Millz, a model, shared an Instagram video where she can be seen whining on top of Chance the Rapper. Meanwhile, Chance can be seen leaning back and also slapping the model’s butt quite a number of times. Chance, a father to two children, did not have a shirt on during the outing. He only wore his signature hat marked “3” along with a tie-dye short. Millz was wearing a traditional costume for the Carnival.

Carribean culture does not exclude such provocative moves. However, for a lot of viewers, this was inappropriate dancing, especially since Chance the Rapper was married. There were viewers on the other side, as well, who defended the rapper’s actions. The most common defense is this is a regular and usual occurrence at Carnival, especially.

29-year-old Cole, however, did seem to find a problem regarding the behavior of Chance the Rapper. A few days following Chance’s inappropriate dancing clip, she posted some lines from “Home”, an essay by Maya Angelou, that deals with the problem of some people never maturing enough.