Sharon Osbourne Was Told That She Was Not Repenting Enough Before Leaving The Talk

Sharon Osbourne
Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne keeps on saying things about her sudden departure from The Talk.

Sharon Osbourne left the CBS daytime talk show after having an ugly, on-air argument with Sheryl Underwood. This took place on the episode shot on the 10th of March. 

It began with Sharon Osbourne defending Piers Morgan who had been accused of racism on his show, Good Morning Britain. This was after he had placed verbal attacks against Meghan Markle. 

The Talk was put on hiatus as the network launched an investigation. Sharon Osbourne had to issue an apology and left the show on the 26th of March.

Sharon Osbourne Demanded The Investigation In The First Place

Sharon Osbourne stated that she was the one who demanded the investigation and added that it was not done properly. She said this on the episode of SiriusXM’s The Megyn Kelly Show on Tuesday.

She had apparently gone up to the HR and demanded an investigation. She wanted to know who had decided to do this and why she was left out to dry for 20 minutes on the show. They did their investigation which was improper as they did not speak to her producer and herself. 

Sharon Osbourne stated that the investigators had only spoken to some people who were selectively chosen. The way the investigation came back was that she was offensive towards Sheryl. She was on permanent suspension without pay and chose to not return at all.

The HR told her that they felt she was not repenting enough. They added that her behaviour was not appropriate for this particular situation. Sharon Osbourne only wanted to know who made that particular decision.

She chose to tell them how she felt about each one of them and also told them about the dirt that the company had chosen to hide.

Sharon  added that they were afraid of her as she told whatever was on her mind. She started talking about the things that had gone before and they just wanted her gone.

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