Charlotte Bennet Gives Details On Getting Sexually Harassed By Cuomo

Charlotte Bennet
Charlotte Bennet

Charlotte Bennet, one of the accusers of Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, opens up about her experiences with the man. The Governor stands to accused of sexual harassment by three women including Charlotte. The case is being handled by the Attorney General of the state of New York, Letitia James.

Charlotte Bennet Calls Cuomo A Textbook Abuser

The 25-year-old Charlotte Bennet has been a resident of New York for all her life. She joined work in the administration of Governor Cuomo in the year 2019 January. There she worked as an assistant of an entry-level. It was her dream job.

But things slowly started deteriorating at work. All these experiences are shared by her at a news channel interview. After the pandemic began, Governor Cuomo was quite successful in handling it. And this is what made him famous across the country. He was known for his good deed and efficiency. However, things were not the same at work. It was just the opposite. Charlotte Bennet claimed that he began harassing her sexually.

Following her claims, the interviewer asked her about her perception of the Democratic Governor. She replied that he is the perfect definition of textbook abusers. She went on to explain that he is someone who is known for his anger in the office. However, he acted very differently with her. Charlotte Bennet stated that she was treated with politeness and in a very sweet manner. This went on for one year.

This particular behaviour is something that she is highly doubtful of. She claimed that Governor Andrew Cuomo did so with some inappropriate hopes. Giving her the impression of being a good friend to her just to approach her sexually without leaving a wrong impression.

Bennet also mentioned the exact date on which the governor tried to make a personal connection with her. It was on the 15th of May. She stated that Andrew Cuomo showed interest in her sex life on this exact day.

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