Phoenix Suns Eases To 112-104 Victory

Phoenix Suns
Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns did not have difficulty in winning their last encounter. They got the better of the Dallas Mavericks on their recent outing. The Suns have always looked in red hot form this season. With the Warriors & Clippers advancing, the league promises to be a thriller. The fight for the top spot is on. The Suns were at the helm of things right from the word go. They did not let the Mavericks capitalize at any moment in the game. The victory against Dallas meant the Suns are now unbeaten for eleven matches. 

The Mavericks did whatever they could to prevent the Suns. They made sure that their opponent did not run away with the game. However, the Phoenix Suns were too much to handle for the Mavericks. They also missed the service of their main player Luka Doncic. This made things even harder for the Dallas side as they slumped to their defeat. Let us know more about the match in detail below. 

Phoenix Suns Defeat Dallas Mavericks 

The gritty display prevented the Phoenix Suns from running away. The Suns also looked vulnerable at times. However, just like any other champion team, they also held their nerves. The Suns played smartly and prevented their team from further hiccups. Mikal Bridges was the star of the night for the Suns. He played brilliantly and scored half of the team’s total threes. 

The Phoenix Suns played in their style. They played steadily for the first three quarters before going for the kill in the fourth. This style of playing has been the trademark of the Suns. The team has achieved the best start to the season this year. The players are determined to continue the good work and not give up the advantage.