Andrew Cuomo’s Former Adviser Says There Was ‘Pervasive Harassment’

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, finds himself in yet another pickle. His previous adviser, Lindsey Boylan, said that the Governor had made inappropriate mentions to her. This also included him insisting on her playing “strip poker.” She said in a blog that she was the subject of “pervasive harassment” when she worked under his administration. The harassment statement also included several inappropriate comments in public, but most sinful of all— a lip-kiss when alone. All of this confession was made in a blog on by Lindsey Boylan. 

In the essay about Andrew Cuomo, she said that she felt “compelled” to tell her story to the world. Because she feels no woman must ever feel to suppress their experiences of “intimidation” at the workplace or even of “humiliation” or “harassment.” She has worked for the administration in the past, from 2015-2018. Her role was that of a deputy secretary. Her role was as a special adviser directly to Cuomo in regard to economic development. 

Boylan’s Claims Against Andrew Cuomo

Boylan uploaded the link to her blog on Wednesday, the 24th of February. She is currently a candidate for President at Manhattan Borough in NYC. Back in December, she had tweeted about the allegations saying that she was “for years” sexually harassed by Andrew Cuomo, which he has continually denied. He spoke of the tweet that they were “not true.” 

It all began, according to the article, in 2016 January. Her boss had come up to her, saying that the Governor had a crush on her. She also had told her friends that Andrew Cuomo would keep finding ways to touch her on the lower back or any limbs. She wrote that she tried to console herself that it was all only “words.” She said that the Governor kissed her on the lips in 2018 when she briefed him about infrastructure and economics one-on-one.

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