Cher Pokes Fun At Ridiculous Relationship With Alexander Edwards


She discovered someone to ease her suffering. In a recent TV interview, Cher enthused about her burgeoning romance with her considerably younger beau, Alexander Edwards.

The Singer of believe said that it is ridiculous on the paper. On the Kelly Clarkson Show in Friday, she said that they get along incredibly in the real life.

After talking about it is not in her nature to praise men typically when they does not deserve that, Cher said that Edwards infact was smart, kind, talented fabulous and funny according to her.

Beginning in Nov, as they were seen shaking hands outside the hotspot of West Hollywood Craig’s, the pair made their relationship public.

The following month, Cher declared her current relationship online networking by tweeting a picture of her boyfriend along with the word “Alexander.”

Cher Pokes Fun Of Her New Relationship:

When one of the fans talked about the age-difference of the new couple, Cher responded saying that love does not care about that. She also said that see does not care about what anyone sees about their relationship.

Since then, Cher has kept in touch with her followers regarding her new partner, most notably tweeting that couple [kiss] Like Teens.

The “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” star, however, would wish to exercise caution around Edwards given that he has already admitted to straying on Amber Rose, the mother of his 3-year-old boy Slash.

The music executives friend, Ryan Fluis in one post said that he knows how he can gain trust of people, how to please them, and thus, it was no surprise for him when he heard he got entangled with someone like Cher.

The late Gregg Allman, and Sonny Bono with whom the musical legend had kids Chaz and Elijah, respectively, were her previous husbands.