West Virginia’s Top Businessmen Support Manchin

West Virginia
West Virginia

West Virginia stakeholders and businessmen have declared their support for Senator Joe Manchin. Senator Joe Manchin is vehemently against Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Bill.  Residents of the state voice their annoyance over the misrepresentation of the state’s actual needs.

West Virginia’s Joe Manchin Listening To Residents

 News networks across America have printed articles criticizing Senator Manchin. Rumors of Manchin leaving the Democratic Party and joining the Republicans have been going around. The news pieces accuse Senator Joe Manchin of not doing what West Virginia residents want. 

Many have said that Senator Manchin is not in touch with reality since he belongs to the political class. His rejection of the bill has helped West Virginia escape the clutches of poverty. Authors question what matters to Senator Joe Manchin. 

On the other hand, many believe that Senator Joe Manchin is listening to the community and not the political party heads.  

President of Commerce Chamber, Steve Roberts declared that he completely supports Senator Joe Manchin and his decision to reject President Joe Biden’s new bill. He refutes all allegations against Senator Manchin, calling them ludicrous. 

Roberts, whose impartial group has local branches in more than 50 counties, claims that most West Virginians agree with him. Following Manchin’s statement that he would oppose Build Back Better, he got hundreds of phone calls and emails from regional business owners who backed the Democrat’s decision.

The resident of the state do not want to be governed by the same rules as the metropolitan cities. They want to preserve their hometown’s values. Senator Joe Manchin’s decision was West Virginia’s and not liberal activists.