Kang Makes His Debut In MCU


Kang the Conqueror is all set to play the next big bad of the MCU. After the events of the Infinity Saga, Thanos seemed irreplaceable as the villain. However, the show must go on. Marvel was in desperate search of a suitable villain. There are no shortages of spine-chilling villains in the Marvel comics. But few can be compared to the ominous presence of the Mad Titan. However, the search seems to have come to an end.

Marvel has finally come up with the suitable successor of Thanos. Kang the Conqueror has been teased for a long time in MCU. He already made his television debut in Disney+ Loki. However, he was addressed by a different name in the series. He was known as ” He who remains” and was known to have created the TVA. 

Kang will finally make his debut on the silver screen with the upcoming Antman film. This will be a third installment of the superhero franchise. The film will revolve around the Quantum Realm and is called “Ant-man & The Wasp: Quantumania”. Evangeline Lily & Paul Rudd will be the lead actors once again. Let us know more about the leaks in detail below. 

Kang Revealed In Antman Threequel 

A recent post from a crew member revealed the first look of Kang the conqueror. The crew posted a picture wearing a t-shirt gifted by Marvel. The t-shirt portrayed a damaged Antman mask. However, a reflection on the mask revealed the figure of the Conqueror. 

The crew realized his mistake and instantly deleted the post. However, the picture did go viral by the time it was deleted. The reflection resembles the exact look of Kang as shown in the comics. The film is expected to release in theaters on 28th July 2023.