China’s Military Drill And Propaganda Suggest The Totalitarian Nation Preparing To Invade Taiwan, Says The Island-Nation’s Foreign Minister


The foreign minister of Taiwan, Joseph Wu has strongly condemned China’s drills around the nation. He added that they appear to be preparing to invade the island nation. He said that their rhetoric and their actions suggest that they were getting ready to invade the island.

Mr. Wu said that his government views the posturing by China as something unacceptable and said that his nation condemns it. The foreign minister was confident of Taiwan’s capacity to defend itself when pressed if he had definite evidence of any imminent threat from China. US intelligence assessment indicates that Xi Jinping, the president since March 2013, has ordered China to be prepared for war by 2027.

Mr. Wu said that it would hesitate to attack Taiwan, but his nation needs to be ready for an eventuality. It is the first time that it has used its navy to stimulate strikes on Taiwan by planes from aircraft carriers.

China Launches United Sharp Sword Facing Taiwan

The country has launched a series of military maneuvers called United Sharp  Sword in the Taiwan Strait to test its combat preparedness. It was launched in response to the meeting between Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and Kevin McCarthy, the Republican House Speaker, in California.

Mr. Wu stressed that the country had no right to dictate its foreign policy when asked if Taiwan was paying a price for the visit by the Taiwanese president to America. China had earlier conducted such large-scale exercises around its tiny neighbor in August 2022 after a visit by Nancy Pelosi, the then House Speaker.

The military exercises by the country have also overlapped with a visit by Emmanuel Macron, the French president, who also paid a visit to Beijing.

With tension building up between the country and Taiwan, US President Biden has said that America would defend Taiwan militarily if China invades it. Wu stressed that defending Taiwan was their responsibility.