Alabama Football’s Defense Seems Impregnable After Miami Blowout

alabama football
alabama football

On Saturday, Miami football’s frantic dive to get to the final zone fell short by a foot in the 3rd quarter, against Alabama football. Miami had no intention of waiting to see what the video review says. Instead, they hoped to quickly snap Alabama football’s defense during one of Miami’s methodical drive’s 14th snap. But Alabama football’s defense shut down D’Eriq King before he could even properly receive the ball, sending out a message for the season.

The Rock Solid Showing Of Alabama Football

On the night, Alabama had successfully seen off successive drives. Through the drives, Miami could only manage 60 yards and 74 yards. They also scored 1 field goal. But that was about it, as Alabama football romped to a victory of 44 to 13.

The difference became 31 points after Alabama scored a touchdown on a 94-yard pass, coming shortly afterward to the stand at the goal line. The day saw Alabama football’s defense dominating a Miami offense that had high hopes for the season. Miami could manage a mere 266 yards in the front of Alabama football’s defense.

Will Anderson, of Alabama, said that the success had roots in the team chemistry that they built. On top of that, he also said that everyone focusing on doing their part helped. He said that there was not a single selfish player on the pitch. The dominant defensive performance was a team achievement for Anderson.

Miami’s touchdown came later from a 29-yard pass between King and Xavier Restrepo. But the starting quarter saw Miami, ranked 14 in the entire country, managed only 30 yards along with 1 first down. However, Alabama’s senior lineman for defense did not like the 60-yard, 74-yard, and 75-yard march for touchdowns that went through. They expect to cover that shortcoming as well.