Ahmed Sobhy – A Rottweiler Lover An Inspiration for Those Still Trying To Realize Their Dreams

ahmed sobhy rottweiler life
ahmed sobhy rottweiler life

The lesson to life is simple- do what you believe in. If you don’t believe in something, nothing will ever amount to anything. But if you do what you dream about, there will be something you make out of it, however minuscule that dream might seem. All you need to do is believe in the dream and yourself.  

Ahmed Sobhy did exactly that and built a name for himself simply based on his love for rottweilers, so can you. All one needs is a little bit of patience and the zeal to see things through.

The story of Ahmed Sobhy is truly one that can be used as an inspiration. As a child, he was always interested in dogs. A dog lover, in the truest sense of the term. He knew that he loved dogs, especially rottweilers, and he swore to erase the negative reputation that rottweilers have.  

In the media, rottweilers have always been labeled as aggressive dogs that would like nothing better to do than to destroy and harm everything around them. But that is so not the truth. Ahmed Sobhy is continuously educating the masses that rottweilers are just like any other dogs- they need the same love, training, and devotion that other dogs do.  

For quite some time, this Egyptian entrepreneur was mulling over opening up a Facebook page that would cater to the needs of the paw-parents. And so came forth Rottweiler Life and let’s just say, it blew up quite spectacularly. For those thinking that maintaining a page is very easy, it isn’t.  

It requires a lot of time and patience. One has to do complete research if they want their page to be taken seriously. Also, on social media, there are several thousand pages dedicated to dogs, one more aesthetic than the other.  

What separated Sobhy’s page from the others is that his page was dedicated to just one breed of dog- the rottweiler, and he provided every bit of information in a very creative way. He took careful notice of what the public wanted and strove to give them exactly that.  

And as we can see, his Facebook page is currently nearing 2 million followers, while his total social media connection up to a mammoth 10 million. All that, simply because he desired to do something good for a breed of dog- one that he loved and wanted the entire world to love.  

After his Facebook page, came his website, Rottweiler Life – the one-stop source to everything rottweiler. His website would provide one with everything- from cute videos showing rottweiler pups playing with human kids, to a dietary schedule. It has everything you will love.  

With the constant love and support from his followers, Ahmed Sobhy decided to turn it into an LLC company with a base in the US. His website has also been voted the Best Rottweiler Website.  

Since then, he has launched an equally popular Rottweiler magazine. It can be said that he truly realized what his dream was and what he had to do to fulfill it. Sobhy also authored a US bestseller book called Rottweiler Life! 

At this point, Ahmed Sobhy is a leading figure in all things rottweiler. And quite possibly the leading authority on everything to do with their proper welfare and care. But we can’t label Ahmed Sobhy as just someone who decided to take his love for dogs and turned it into a profession. His education played a part too.  

Since the Rottweiler Life days, he has also opened up a media company that deals with problems like Digital Marketing, SEO content, and even App creation. He is also the proud owner of Wow Things Media Company, which has turned out to be quite a hit in the online world.  

Ahmed Sobhy is truly an enigma- a person who decided that his dream was to make sure that Rottweilers weren’t trashed upon and then worked on it. His website is truly pivotal in changing the way people see rottweilers and is one of the few things on the internet that has brought on-ground change.