Chris Cuomo Clarifies His Take On Brother’s Scandal

Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo is the brother of the politician, Andrew Cuomo. Andrew was accused to sexually assault and exploit various women. This led to a large number of repercussions from the government officials. All of them pushed for the resignation of Andrew. Andrew was adamant about the resignation initially. However, he did not have a choice and ultimately succumbed to the growing rage. Chris stated that being the brother of a politician was itself a tough ask. The scandal made situations even worse. 

Chris Cuomo Urged Brother To Step Down

Chris is the younger of both brothers. He has had a rough time recently. Chris stated that his life was affected by the scandal of his elder brother, Andrew. Chris reflected on the various boundaries he had following the scandal. 

Chris works at the CNN network. However, despite wanting to cover Andrew’s story he was not allowed to do so. This happened due to some of the policies at CNN. Chris claimed that he never intended to give any sort of misinformation to anyone. The younger Cuomo has been a subject of criticism. People speculated about why he was reluctant to cover his brother’s story. They also wondered what advice did he had to offer to Andrew following the scandal. 

Chris seemed to address all the questions in the interview recently. He also stated that whatever advice he provided was purely genuine. Chris said that he discussed the issue with the governor purely as a brother. Chris tried to lend support and listen patiently to his brother’s situation. 

Chris Cuomo revealed that he had even asked Andrew to step down from the post. This was the hardest advice he had to give to his brother, said Chris. Chris Cuomo was earlier accused to enjoy special benefits following the VIP status of his brother. Cuomo also helped the governor structure his response against the allegations. 

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