Naomi Osaka Has A Breakdown From The ‘Appalling’ Question By Reporter

naomi osaka
naomi osaka

Naomi Osaka had a breakdown and went into tears during the press conference, which happens to be the first after she withdrew from Wimbledon and the French Open in order to heed to her mental health.

When speaking with the press before appearing at the WTA tournament in Ohio, Naomi Osaka had an emotional outburst after Paul Daugherty, a sports columnist from Cincinnati Enquirer posed a question regarding her distorted relationship with media.

Daugherty started the question by saying that Naomi Osaka is not crazy regarding dealing with the media, more in this manner, although she has a lot of interests outside her career which are benefitted by staying into the limelight. She then said that her question was about how she balances both the aspects of her life and what she had said to Simone Biles.

These questions were asked twice by Daugherty before Naomi Osaka took to the stage to answer her questions. She mentioned that she had been in the limelight for a long time now and is only responsible for speaking for herself. She also mentioned that she is helpless if any of her tweets or something she said makes their way into news articles.

Naomi Osaka On The Reporter And The Media

According to Naomi Osaka, there has been a consistent interest in her because of her career in tennis, and herself winning a few Grand Slams. She has also appeared in many press conferences where she has been posed with difficult questions from time to time.

After answering Daugherty’s question, Osaka pulled down her hat and wiped her tears with the sleeves of her jacket. She then made her way away from the stage, only to return after a few moments in order to finish the conference. Naomi Osaka, standing at No.2 among tennis players who are women, made her withdrawal from the French Open after being fined for skipping press conferences that took place post the match.

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