Suns Defeat Los Angeles Clippers With The Help Of Chris Paul!

Los Angeles Clippers
Los Angeles Clippers

The Suns defeated the Los Angeles Clippers by a margin of 130-103 for the 1st time in 28 years.  The eyes of Chris Paul became wet with tears after defeating the Los Angeles Clippers. His shoes contained a message written using black ink which said that right now he just can’t afford to give it up. The message resonated with the spirit of the Suns. 

Chris Paul Shines Against The Los Angeles Clippers!

The Suns were led by Chris Paul who audaciously rose above the Clippers and managed to come away with a victory. Afterward, Chris Paul said that he was on a mission of not losing. He had heavy emotions before the start of the match and he just didn’t want to give up then. While Chris Paul pioneered the victory, Devin Booker managed to add 22 points to the Suns. Chris Paul ended up scoring a total of a whopping 41 points for his team.

This crushed the Los Angeles Clippers. In the history of the franchise, this is supposed to be the third appearance for the Suns in the finals of the NBA. They have yet to know who will be their opponent. Their opponent will be either the Milwaukee Bucks or the Atlanta Hawks. 

These two teams remain tied with the scoreline of 2-2 in the finals of the East. When asked about Chris Paul, Monty Williams, coach of the Suns said that Paul was tired. However, due to his sheer love towards his team, he was constantly making those plays, orchestrating everything, getting inside the basket and the threes. He also added how Chris Pauls has been persevering through a lot of playoff heartbreak and injuries before defeating Los Angeles Clippers. 

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