Top SERP Features That Can Benefit Your Business

Knowledge Graph
Knowledge Graph

The modern consumer is becoming increasingly particular. This has prompted websites to look for solutions that address precise customer queries. They are enriching result pages with innovative elements that address explicit customer queries. Even more, Google is changing the way queries are searched by customers. Consequently, expert advice business owners track Google changes to stay competitive and effective. In particular, you need to investigate SERP elements. Here are the top features of SERP businesses that should leverage on to boost their marketing strategies.

Knowledge Graph

One of the most effective elements of SERP is the knowledge graph. Located in a separate box to the SERP’s side, the knowledge graph offers both structured and detail-oriented results for those searching for factually based data. For instance, if you are searching for Chris Brown, the Knowledge graph will go ahead and provide you with brief information about him—including birth date, bio, images, and his hit songs. Even more, it gives you relevant links where more information regarding the query can be found.

The intention of Google’s Knowledge Graph is to offer users with all the information that they are seeking directly on SERP. This means that the users won’t have to visit the actual websites to get this information—making their work easy and straightforward. When the search process is made easy and quicker, your clients are happier. Even more, investing in Knowledge graphs gives your site both credibility and authority.

Local Pack

Another great feature of the SERP is the local pack. Defined as the element that represents 3 local results, the local pack is used to represent your business’s name, address, ratings, as well as the phone number. In most cases, the local pack is important when it comes to local related searches. For instance, if you are searching for a lawyer in New York, the local pack will display different law firm business establishments alongside the addresses, phone numbers, ratings, and names. Remember, most people who are making local searches don’t want to see your website. Instead, they need your explicit contact details together with reviews, opening hours, etc. However, remember to employ the following tips when using the Local Pack feature:

  • Optimizing your site’s content for all local based searches
  • Ensure that your business is properly listed on local directories
  • Invest in a highly optimized Google My Business page

Featured Snippet

Also referred to as Richer Answer, a Featured Snippet represents a block appearing at the SERP’s top. This feature houses a summary of the answers of the user. The summary also contains the link the answer was obtained from.


As a powerful SERP element, Sitelinks is used to display a website’s subpage hyperlinks. Consequently, the user has an easy time navigating through a website. In most cases, this feature is used for branded and navigational based queries.

The Bottom-Line

SERP is a new way to reach customers. It’s the best way to customize customer search queries. However, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the basics—including SERP features. The above SERP features are all you need to catapult your marketing strategy to another new level. For instant results, try