Chris Sununu Backs Haley In 2024 Republican Primaries

Chris Sununu

Chris Sununu has stressed that he was all for Republican presidential nominee Nikki Haley. The governor of New Hampshire has endorsed the former governor and ambassador to the UN for president. Will his endorsement make a significant dent, especially as her campaign is getting what it has been lacking for long – a formidable ground game?

Chris Sununu has strongly backed Haley saying that the entire nation was watching, and it was not the time to miss this opportunity. The support by the popular Republican governor of New Hampshire who holds the 2nd overall contest in the nominating calendar for the Republican candidate comes with the two leaders teaming up at a campaign event in the largest city of the state.

Chris Sununu emphasized that he would back Nikki Haley for president. “You bet your a**, I am,” he said, stressing he was all for Haley and was formally backing her. He later praised her as someone to be proud of.

Chris Sununu Has Strongly Endorsed Nikki Haley

Sununu added that she was someone one could be proud of. He gushed that Haley was someone who looked people in the eye and answered their questions. More significantly, he said, she had worked to earn the trust of voters in her state and citizens across the US. He signed off by declaring her the next President of the United States.

Haley, speaking on the same stage as Chris Sununu, said that it was great to be endorsed by the governor of New Hampshire, calling him the live free-or-die governor. She said it was a great night. It was a huge endorsement to have Chris Sununu, and she had been courting him for months. She admitted that she was excited about recent developments.

Chris Sununu has consistently been a verbal critic of Trump, who at present commands a huge lead in the Republican presidential nomination. He briefly considered joining the primary race before opting out in June.