James Gunn Is One Of The New Heads Of DC

James Gunn

Walter Hamada announced he would be stepping down as the head of DC. The search for the post was on and it was difficult to find the right kind of people to fit in and take responsibility. And the time has arrived to announce James Gunn as the new co-chairman.

James Gunn And Peter Safran, The Best Candidates To Be In That Position

Recently announced press interviews released how the DC family is thrilled to have James Gunn and Peter Safran as their co-chairman and co-CEOs of the DC studio. And Warner Bros. is excited to work with them, says discover president and CEO David Zaslav. And James Gunn and Peter Safran will work along with Warner Bros.Mike De Luca, co-chairperson, and Pam Addy CEOs of Warner Bros.Both parties have similar interests to work outside of DC. They are thinking out of the box.

James Gunn knows the world of comics and book adaptations and has organized films for both Marvel and DC. He is currently working on the ‘guardians of the galaxy project for Marvel. He has directed the reboot of “the suicide squad” for DC.

Peter Safran’s contribution to DC is also very evident in “Aquaman” and its sequel is coming “shazam”. Both Gunn and Safran made “the suicide squad” and “peacemaker”. Safran has his own production company.

Warner Bros. Ceo David Zaslav has expressed thoughts about working with those two individuals and one can sense the excitement in his tone, they are the greatest filmmakers of all time, and their track records of keeping thrilling superhero fans worldwide, their storytelling level will reach the peak as they are pairing with WB. David couldn’t hold his excitement to work with these two great individuals in the DC.

Not only the Warner Bros. team but DC also specifically Gunn and Safran have expressed their excitement to work with WB and the whole team to create the most outstanding stories with incredible writers and the greatest actors of all time. The duo thanked David Zaslav for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The duo has promised to set a different tone in the world of DC and try to let the greatest stories be told.