Chuck Schumer Advances Plan To Fund Israel And Ukraine

Chuck Schumer
Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer has written to his colleagues about his intention to go forward with legislative measures to the floor of the American Senate to renew efforts to fund both the war efforts of Israel and Ukraine. Senate Majority Leader informed that this could happen as early as December 4.

Chuck Schumer warned other senators that the Ukraine forces were short of support and time was against the Ukrainians. He identified the Republican demand for reforms in immigration policy, saying that it was the biggest cause for delay to the security support package.

The New York Democrat has indicated that he would be willing to go along for another week before they can arrive at a compromise deal on border security and asylum reform funding. However, he indicated that there was little time to deal with the issues on the war front and stressed that time was fast running out.

Chuck Schumer Warns Time Running Out For Ukraine

He also spoke of partners and friends in Israel and said it was necessary to ensure that the Indo-Pacific regions were sufficiently equipped with arms and other supplies to act as a deterrent to competitors and adversaries.

Check Schumer also noted that the ongoing talks linked to asylum, border security, and other issues linked to immigration did not pause even during the Thanksgiving break. Chuck Schumer stressed that bipartisan support was vital. The Senator spoke of compromise and cooperation to reach a goal that would be realistic and reasonable to both sides.

Chuck Schumer also informed colleagues in the Senate that there would be a classified meeting of senators on the issue of funding to Ukraine. He said that it would be on in the coming days, urging other Senators to be present. Chuck Schumer reminded his colleagues of the words of the Ukraine Premier who has stressed that they would lose against the Russians if they did not receive immediate support.