Peak Barclays Is Back As Drama Galore In Chelsea vs Tottenham Fixture

Chelsea vs Tottenham

Chelsea vs Tottenham has been organized in the season’s first Sunday night football in English Premier League. The match ended in a 2-2 draw for both sides at Stamford Bridge. However, it was not the end of the drama there. After the match, we saw that the two head coaches had been involved in a brawl.

Things You Can Learn From Chelsea vs Tottenham: 

The Ball is on a roll: Constantly high intensity regulated the game’s tempo. Three fluid motions ahead are chaotic. This Chelsea team is Thomas Tuchel’s. Although they still have a chance to finish in the top four this season, as many people predicted, their aggressive display suggests they will pose many difficulties for their opponents. Naturally, they need to strengthen their defense, and this draw will seem like a setback.

Plan B of Spurs was dangerous between Chelsea vs Tottenham: Richarlison was added when Spurs switched to a 4-2-4 style, and Harry Kane needed a partner up top, and it was successful. They produced a couple of significant changes and equalized (twice), which gives Conte a nice alternative when Spurs have trouble producing chances. The change to a 4-2-4 allowed them to maintain the Ball higher up the pitch after they had trouble finding any rhythm throughout the game. With this strategy, they will have a field day against weaker defenses than Chelsea’s.

Anthony Taylor, the match official, was under immense pressure throughout the Chelsea vs Tottenham game: Since Romero should have been dismissed for assaulting Cucurella, Spurs shouldn’t have been able to tie the score, and Chelsea will feel extremely badly done by due to numerous decisions made throughout the game. Havertz was equally guilty of the foul. Bentancur and Havertz both gained possession of the Ball, but the referees might be able to show that the Spurs player gained possession of a portion of it because the play was likely too far along to stop and deny the team’s opening goal.