Stimulus Check Update: Payments Changed How People Viewed Money

Stimulus check
Stimulus check

The stimulus check payments that were made during the pandemic definitely changed the way people saw money. If you ask Denise Diaz, she would attest to this statement- as it completely changed her outlook towards finances and money. This mother of three who currently lives in Orlando, Florida, received almost $10,000 in the form of three economic impact payments.

The payments that she received formed a part of the 472 million payments that were sent to the citizens in the country- which had a total of $803 billion. The payments did go on to experiment with the rejuvenation of the average American household as the economy tried to revive itself after the collapse that the pandemic had brought with it. 

Stimulus Check Payments Have Changed People’s Outlook Towards Money

The stimulus check payments are currently at the epicenter of a major debate that would discuss the pros and cons of having such a substantial payment being issued to households. Critics have been debating if such payments were the catalyst that led to the increase in inflation which is slowly touching record highs. Nevertheless, one cannot deny that the stimulus payments definitely served as a major lifeline to those citizens that were undergoing their worst unemployment spell during the pandemic. 

As reported by CNBC, the citizens that received the stimulus check payments utilized the income in quite a few ways- making debt payments, covering household staples, as well as creating funds for the rainy day. Diaz herself used the money to pay her credit card as well as car loans. 

The financial buffer that this stimulus check payment brought with itself along with the peace of mind definitely led to Denise Diaz changing her entire psychology towards money. She even went on to automate bill payments for the very first time.