Chuck Schumer Calls For Government Action On Ghost Guns

Chuck Schumer
Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer, the Senator, has recently demanded the administration of President Joe Biden take stringent action on the case of the ghost gun

Senator Chuck Schumer asked for the serial numbers associated with these unregulated and untraceable guns. He also demanded the details of the kits required for making them along with a complete background check regarding the ones who bought these ghost guns. 

Strict Action Request By Chuck Schumer 

Chuck Schumer recently made clear statements about the illegal guns and said the entire city of New York is haunted by these guns. As a result of which he asked the federal government to take some quick and strong legal actions over this case. 

Schumer repeatedly asked the Biden administration to clarify the central laws related to firearms which usually require a transparent process of checking the background as well as the serial number. Lately, NYPD stated that they witnessed a sudden surge in the number of ghost guns starting in 2019. They further added that such weapons are difficult to trace. Hence they are not able to arrest anyone without proper records about the manufacturer or buyer. 

The White House is expected to make an announcement on cracking these ghost guns as soon as Monday. 

Schumer’s Push Over Illegal Weapons 

Chuck Schumer finds it dastardly, dangerous, and disgusting that a child, felon, or anybody has the option of buying weapons online at any given point in time. Such a situation is extremely harmful to the citizens. He asked everyone to join hands in preventing this illegal weaponry and demanded the federal government take action. 

Cyrus Vance, ex-district attorney of Manhattan, said these ghost guns pose a severe public security threat. Kathy Hochul, the Governor, signed legislation in October to crackdown this case by making possession of unfinished guns illegal.