Imran Khan Ousted; Sharif Replaces Him As The New PM

Imran Khan
Imran Khan

A wave of Pakistani people marched across many cities showing their support for Imran Khan, former Prime Minister. Imran Khan has recently been ousted and is replaced by Shehbaz Sharif as the new PM. 

Pakistan is now taking an uncertain political journey as Imran Khan has been removed from the position of the PM. This political drama takes a renewed form as thousands of his supporters have taken to the streets to express solidarity with their charismatic cricketer-turned-PM. Supporters have also protested against Khan’s opposition. 

Political Drama Surrounding Imran Khan 

On Sunday, 174 legislators registered a motion of no-confidence against Imran Khan. 

He is the only Pakistani PM ousted from his office with a no-confidence vote. This voting took place over a 13-hour session in their parliament that also witnessed lengthy speeches and several delays. 

Numerous supporters of Imran Khan paraded the streets on the night of Sunday where they waved flags as well as shouted slogans. All this high-octane drama happened in the holy month of Ramzan. 

His supporters are mostly the youth of the nation and they all demanded Khan be reinstated. Islamabad was lit up during the night as crowds took to the streets in support of Khan. This urged Khan to tweet a photo and wrote that such a spontaneous response from such a huge number of people has never happened before in the history of their nation. 

Opinions And Events 

Fahd Husain, Dawn newspaper columnist, wrote that the political rise of Khan was due to the increasing disillusionment of the urban middle-class. The masses were attracted to him because they were disgusted with the misgovernance and corruption among politicians. 

Khan’s supporters also accused the role of America in the removal and no-confidence vote against him. Khan himself alleges foreign conspiracy and urges a renewed freedom struggle.