Chuck Schumer Has Revealed His Endgame For Voting Reforms

Chuck Schumer
Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer has decided to bring out the questions regarding elections and voting legislation to the floor of the Senate in the coming days. This will allow him to use existing rules of Congress to evade the initial filibuster of the GOP. The House will then imminently pass a bill that would contain both the federal elections reform and beefed-up provisions of the Voting Rights Act. Since the bill will simply be sent to Congress as nothing more than a message from the House, it will not be seen as a filibuster by the GOP- and hence debated on the floor of the Senate. 

Chuck Schumer Has Playing His Game In The Senate

In his memo, Chuck Schumer mentioned that the Senate would finally be debating on the legislation of voting rights, which would lead to every senator being faced with the obvious choice of whether or not to pass the legislation that would protect the democracy in the country. In the interim, the Senate will start confronting the raging debate as it takes place over the filibuster when Schumer, the current Majority Leader, moves to pull down the house on the entire debate. 

Chuck Schumer’s memo does come amidst a bunch of activities that involve most of the Senate Democrats to pass legislation that would crack down on several instances of gerrymandering, making reforms on finance campaigns, and creating national standards for voting early. The President will also be attending one of the special caucus meetings with the Democrats of the Senate on Thursday. 

Although Chuck Schumer has vowed to hold a special vote on the changes in the potential rules by Monday, that is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, he hasn’t yet indicated what his final proposal to the caucus would look like. Incidentally, that moment seems to be just a few days from now, and the tactics of the majority leader will make sure that the voting doesn’t get hindered.

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