CJ Uzomah Promises To Dive Into A Chili Bath If The Bengals Win Super Bowl 2022

CJ Uzomah

The Super Bowl LVI phenomenon is in full swing in Los Angeles, California, with small news turning into medium news, medium news turning into big news, and big news turning into monumental news, which is why the health of Cincinnati Bengals starting tight end CJ Uzomah has everyone on edge, but even more importantly, there are some crazy promises he may have to keep.

CJ Uzomah’s promise to the media on Thursday may not be comparable to quarterback Joe Namath’s pre-Super Bowl III promise to ensure the New York Jets win over the Baltimore Colts, but it will do for now.

CJ Uzomah’s Skyline Chili Guarantee

While the Cincinnati Bengals are not the clear favorites to win the Super Bowl, the spicy meal is well-known in Cincinnati, and while he did not clarify whether he would go in a swimming suit or not, the truth remains that the Cincinnati Bengals tight end would be delighted to confront such an oddity.

CJ Uzomah has rejoined the Cincinnati Bengals’ practice squad. On a more serious note, Uzomah took part in restricted practice with his teammates for the first time since hurting his knee in the AFC Championship Game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

There is a chance he will be ready to play at SoFi Stadium next Sunday, Feb. 13. Uzomah is not the only injured tight end in Super Bowl LVI; Tyler Higbee, who was hurt in the NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers, has not practiced this week and is not expected to participate in the Vince Lombardi Trophy game.