Claim To Fame Renewed For Season 2, With More Twists And Turns

claim to fame

Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas will be hosting the show. Claim to fame has brought 12 new competitors to have fun with. The show premiered on 26th June.

They have precisely made the reality show difficult this time. Per the source, they give out false information to throw opponents off the track. All the related celebrities have to compete against each other and find out who they are related to.

Last time Loreal Palmer won a prize worth  $100,000 and took it home. Last time the rules were simple, which many thought could have been more exciting.

Not So Fun If Your Opponent Gets It Right, Claim To Fame

The first season 2 Contestant has already been eliminated. Carly Reeves failed to keep her identity a secret. Her opponent Hugo, in a claim to fame, immediately recognized her. She is the niece of Tom Hanks. Many thought she could have been more mysterious. 

Claim to Fame is a fun reality show, and some stale contestants need help to grasp the concept. There should be more critical clues, and the fans have tweeted for fewer details. Fewer clues, more fun.

Carly Reeves was quite unhappy with the early elimination. And she did let everyone know all how mad she was. She was humiliated after she was asked to sit on a bench. Hugo is still in the game, and Travis also tries hard not to let others win the claim to fame.

Jane, Chris, Cole, JR, Shayne, and Monay stand still. They didn’t let others identify them. Thus more time in to claim fame. Many people who are not even remotely similar to their celebrity relatives are present in the claim to fame, which makes it more difficult. More difficult and more fun this time.