Billy Idol Has Been Honored With A Walk Of Fame Star

Billy Idol

Billy Idol now holds a permanent spot on Hollywood Boulevard, after he received his Hollywood star- and the Walk of Fame. The 67-year-old singer/songwriter, and three-time Grammy Award nominee, was also accompanied by his girlfriend China Chow, and his family as he was honored with this star. He was awarded the star just a few months ahead of the 40th anniversary of his self-titled debut album in July.

During the ceremony, Idol also stated that it did seem pretty amazing to receive this award. He claimed that after 47 years of being in the music industry- he never thought that he would be receiving this award. Back in the mid-70s, when he started, there wasn’t a bright future in this business. Rather, he started singing because he realized that this was what he loved doing. He was a musician- because he loved it, and there was no other reason for it.

Billy Idol Has Been Celebrated With The Hollywood Star

Billy Idol further joked that he never thought he would be doing this for so long- and he thought he would be doing this for just a year or around a couple of years. But he could never believe that he would be in the business for forty-odd years. And that was nothing short of incredible. One of the speakers to pay their tributes to Idol was Henry Rollins, who stated that Idol epitomized what punk rock truly was. The 61-year-old stated that Idol was the real thing- and throughout the decades, he had been himself- and it did take a lot of guts to not reinvent himself when music changed over the years. 

After his Star was unveiled, Billy Idol shared a kiss with his 48-year-old girlfriend, and this was somewhat of a family affair, as he was also accompanied by his 34-year-old son Willem Wolfe, 33-year-old daughter Bonnie Blue, and their spouses and children.