Should Clarence Thomas Be Put Behind Bars?

clarence thomas

Dick Durbin, senate judiciary chair, has scrutinized Clarence Thomas’s case since the disclosure. Every day new type of information turns up during the digging and blows the judges’ and the investigators’ minds.

He is perhaps tired of seeing one thing after another. He got used to the shock now. He has further mentioned how everything is in front of everyone’s eye. He is rather tired of witnessing evidence against Thomas. It would be foolish of them if they ignore them given his position.

Drawing Conclusion Seems A Little Difficult For Clarence Thomas’s Case

The never-ending evidence is piling up. The Department of Justice cannot ignore them. They are rather tired of witnessing them one after another. It’s been a rollercoaster journey indeed for the justice department. Whereas Thomas is not bothered at all. He has no remorse whatsoever.

No one can clearly tell who is at fault. Is it Clarence Thomas or GOP mega-donor Harlan Crow? Thomas was given the opportunity to possess those lavish properties and trips. He was handed the opportunity. The whole country is in shock after witnessing all this.

Harlan Crow has various luxurious real estate properties. In one of them, Thomas’s mother lives. Here the investigators question why is he letting his mother stay there. What kind of an advantage is he gaining from Thomas?

Crow even paid for Thomas’s grandchildren’s boarding school. All these have been taken into account. It has become a matter of debate. Clarence Thomas reported none of these transactions whatsoever. It has been going on for years now. All these revelations have been extremely embarrassing for Judge Dick Durbin.