Justice Clarence Thomas Opens Up About Republican-Sponsored Trips

Justice Clarence Thomas

Controversial Clarence Thomas, the Chief Justice of the United States, justified his lavish excursions with billionaire Republican supporter Harlan Crow. According to sources, Thomas accepted vacation virtually every year for the past two decades.

Justice Clarence Thomas defended the travels in a statement released on Friday, claiming that they did not need to be reported. “We have known Harlan and Kathy Crow for over 25 years and they are among our dearest friends,” Thomas said in a statement.

Justice Clarence Thomas Was Asked To Share Details

“In the more than quarter-century we’ve known them, we’ve joined them (the Crow couple) on a variety of family trips.” “I sought advice from my peers and others in the legal community and was told that this type of private welcome from close personal friends with no business before the Court was not reportable,” he said in a statement. 

Justice Clarence Thomas stated that he has always tried to follow the disclosure requirements and plans to follow the new instructions presented by the Judicial Conference, which is in charge of financial disclosure. 

According to a recent ProPublica article, Justice Thomas took holidays from Crow, including excursions on Crow’s luxurious boat and private jet. 

According to ProPublica, a vacation to Indonesia in 2019 might cost up to $500,000 (£403,000).

According to the Guardian, Thomas spent time at Crow’s ranch in Texas and accompanied him at an elite all-male California retreat. “The justice usually stays about an entire week every year at Crow’s private resort in New York’s Adirondack mountains,” according to the newspaper.

Justice Clarence Thomas was raised in Savannah, Georgia, and grew up speaking Geechee, a Creole language used by slave ancestors, before normal English. He had been abandoned by his father, but he claims his grandpa instilled in him a strong work ethic, according to the magazine.