Kyle Richards In Hospital After Stung By Bees

Kyle Richards
Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards seemed to have an unfortunate accident. As per reports, she was stung heavily by several bees. She accidentally strolled into a beehouse. She was imminently taken to the hospital after the incident. The star stated that she had been taken care of. After the initial trauma, Richards was seen to be nursing her injuries. 

Kyle Richards’ Accidental Face-Off With Bees Causes Her Serious Trouble

Richards is having a rough patch in her life it seems. The actress had the unfortunate of accidents this Sunday. She ran straight into a hive full of bees. According to statements recorded by her, she had serious injuries from the stings. She reported that the bees have attacked her repeatedly. This was a very scary incident for the star. As Kyle said that she was very much afraid of bees and also had allergies. 

Closed-circuit camera footage has been released. It can be seen that Richards was running around her space and appeared very much disturbed. The footage then showed the star jump into the pool. This was an attempt to escape from the bees. Kyle Richards stated that it was the most horrible experience of her life. There was nobody in her home. This meant that she could not get any help from anyone. To make things worse, 911 could not be accessed on her wired telephone. 

Kyle stated that looking back at the video, it seems funny now. But the experience she had to go through, was something horrible. She said that she wanted to emphasize the importance of keeping an epi-pen handy. 

Kyle Richards was seen recovering. She posted on Instagram about her recovery. Richards was imminently taken to the hospital. She was attended by the doctors at once. She expressed her gratitude towards the fire brigade and local medical officials. Kyle thanked all of them and promised to be up and running soon.