Clay Higgins On Getting Infected For The Second Time

Clay Higgins
Clay Higgins

Clay Higgins, the Representative made an announcement of getting infected by the coronavirus for the second time. As per the announcement, not only he but his wife has also been infected. The announcement came in this Sunday through the social media platform,  Facebook. The Representative hailing from the state of Louisiana went o one stress the seriousness of the virus. He stated that this infection was way “more challenging” than the other previous waves.

Clay Higgins Accuses China

In his announcement, Clay Higgins also went on to claim that the virus was hatched deliberately by China as one of the biological weapons. The first few lines of the announcement pointed out the experiences of his family with the infection. He stated that his wife along with his son has been infected.

The representative belonging to the Republican party stated that the family was struggling this time and it was taking a lot from them to recover as compared to the infection they faced the first time. He directly claimed that coronavirus was a product that was engineered by China. Clay Higgins and his wife Becca Higgins had previously been infected when very few people knew about the coronavirus disease. 

It has not been stated if the family of the Republican Representative including him got their coronavirus shots. According to a source, Clay Higgins last cast his vote in the House of Representatives on the 1st of July. and he was absent from the votes when all the members made their return after breaking for a span of two weeks. He gave his reason for his absence from the floor of the House. It was stated that there had been a medical emergency in his family. The Representative concluded his Facebook announcement by thanking all the people who had been praying for him and his family.  

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