Trump Rally At Ohio- Some Key Takeaways

trump rally
trump rally

Donald Trump, the former president of the United States of America, organized a Trump rally after achieving his victory since he left office. The rally was held in the village of Wellington situated in the state of Ohio. It took place this Saturday. The former Republican president used the platform to express vindication. He openly supported his candidate, Max Miller as against Anthony Gonzalez, a Representative belonging to the same party as former president Trump. Gonzalez had voted to impeach Trump on grounds of inciting the capitol riots that broke out on the 6th of January.

Trump Rally Speech Attacked Biden

The 75-year-old former President gave a statement attacking the politicians belonging to the Democratic party at the Ohio Trump rally. He stated that both the Democrats as well as the media were now claiming the fact that he was right about so many things. Donald Trump continued that they were now admitting it and that they all had lied to the citizens of the country with regard to several things before the onset of the 2020 Presidential elections. 

The former President also mentioned several other topics at the Ohio-based Trump rally like the subject of coronavirus in relation to hydroxychloroquine and Lafayette Park. Before, several media channels had commented on the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine stating that they did help in treating coronavirus patients. However, a study from the same month revealed that together with azithromycin, the effectiveness could go to about 200%. This can be provided to patients with serious infections in ventilators. 

The attendees of the Trump rally also got to hear a lot of his predictions of the situation of the country under the administration of the acting president from the Democratic Party, Joe Biden. It was said that the President would lead the country to a state of impoverishment. Donald Trump also slammed him for escalating the tax rates in the country.