Clint Eastwood Triumphant Over $6.1 Suit

Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is a renowned actor in America. He has a large fan following and is well known for his acting prowess. Eastwood is a multi-talented man and an artist in a true sense. He was born on the 31st of May and is currently ninety-one years old. His first break came when he featured in the television series “Rawhide”. His ticket to fame came in ” Dollars Trilogy”. 

He has recently been involved in a rift with a Lithuanian company. The company unlawfully exploited Clint’s image. They stated that Clint Eastwood was very much fond of their products, which was not true. The case was stretched to court where the verdict went Eastwood’s way. Clint and his company won the case and a sum of $6.1m in the process. Let us know more about the incident below. 

Clint Eastwood Profits $6.1m From Lawsuit

Fortune seems to be shining brightly on Clint. He was involved in a lawsuit with a CBD company last year. The company was accused to have illegally utilized the likeness of Eastwood to fool people. The complaint also stated that the segment was morphed to make it appear like an episode from “Today”. This show contained a website link that allowed customers to purchase products from CBD. 

The verdict was passed recently and it came as a win for Clint. R Gary Klausner is the judge at the District Court of California. He was awarded a $6.1m compensation to Eastwood and his company, Garrapata. The Lithuanian company, Mediatonas UAB failed to turn up despite multiple reminders. The New York Times stated that the company also had to bear a sum of $95000 to pay the attorneys. The lawsuit clearly stated that Clint Eastwood was not committed to the company in any manner nor did he promote any products.