Donald Trump Meets Kevin McCarthy In New Jersey

Billy Long
Billy Long

Donald Trump met Kevin McCarthy in New Jersey. This was an interesting political development in recent times. The two veteran politicians discussed the shocking riot that took place in January. McCarthy will likely appoint a committee for the investigation of the same. 

Donald Trump Praised Heavily By McCarthy

McCarthy stated his satisfaction after meeting with Trump. He said to have had a successful discussion which was high on productivity. Their topics included issues such as campaigns for raising funds, upcoming votes, etc. They also discussed strategies for attacking the weak points of the Democrats. 

The committee that will be in charge of investigating the riots at the Capitol has released hearing dates. They scheduled their opening date for the case to be publicly presented on 27th July. The representative of the GOP is yet to be announced. 

McCarthy is entitled to assign as many as five officers for the investigation. Trump led a protest campaign against Congress. They were not happy with the Congress certifying Joe Biden’s victory. It has to be kept in mind that McCarthy is an ardent follower of Donald Trump. Speculations are doing rounds that the Investigating committee members could be people close to Trump

Concerns over Donald Trump trying to play dirty is doing the rounds. Mark Milley raised his anxiety over the fact that Trump might try to dominate. In a book released recently, he said that however hard Trump tries he will not be successful. Meanwhile, books were released by Michael Bender & Michael Wolf. It depicted the disastrous scenario during Trump’s rule.