Common Deportation Defenses

Common Deportation Explained 

The most common legal defenses available to individuals being questioned in a deportation proceeding is whether he or she is an American citizen. This might seem to be obvious, but it is always a primary first factor. 

If  you are not an American citizen and you cannot prove your status, you may have some other options, which may not be as strong or successful. For instance, if you are a non-citizen who has lived in the country for a number of years and has never had a designated immigration status, there may be ways for you to convince the immigration judge that you should be allowed to remain in the United States after your legal ordeal. Keep in mind that your deportation defense lawyer may have significant experience in specific aspects of immigration law, but it does not mean they are aligned with the latest updates and changes in law. 

One thing that you will want to check with your legal counsel at FL-ILC is what type of proof the Department of Homeland Security must provide you with before they proceed with deportation.This may help to clarify the process for you and give you a better idea of your options. 

Wrongful Arrest 

Another common defense to be used is that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, has wrongfully arrested you. In other words, you may be accusing them of doing something that they may have already done or is legally obligated to do. Therefore, it is important to know that if they have not done anything illegal, you do not have a valid argument. 

Deportation Defense Attorneys Are Needed More Than Ever 

It is very important to work with an immigration attorney when you are facing deportation. The first thing you will need to do is get in touch with a lawyer who has experience in cases like yours. If you are not certain about your case and you are not sure that you have grounds for a challenge, you should speak with a legal professional who is familiar with the immigration laws. 

An immigration attorney can also tell you whether or not the case will actually go to trial. This is something that you will have to ask your lawyer about, and you will want to know what the outcome is likely to be before you start talking about your situation. Of course, it is always best to have someone you can trust on your side to answer any questions you have, whether they are legal or not. 

Also, with deportation, you may want to consult with an immigration attorney who is familiar with the laws pertaining to your specific experience. You may find that they will be able to answer some questions you may have, such as what type of documentation will work best to prove your innocence. 

Even though in today’s political climate the immigration laws might seem harsh, it is nevertheless important to be informed on the subject. There are exceptions in almost everything, and your immigration attorney you hire can help you understand what can be said or done to defend your case. The last thing you want to do is to get lost in the weeds when it comes to defending yourself in an immigration court. 

A good immigration attorney will also make sure that you are provided with the right legal advice at all times. Your case may be complex, so you want someone with the background and experience to handle it so that you receive the best results.  

It is always important to call your attorney’s office before you speak with someone who claims to need all of your details up front. Florida Immigration Law Counsel will work diligently on your behalf so call them today.