Chuck Schumer Announces Finalization Of Infrastructure Bill Legislative Text

Chuck Schumer
Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer, the Majority Leader of the Senate announced on Sunday evening on the floor of the Senate, that the senators in the bipartisan group have made the finalization of the legislative text regarding the infrastructure bill. This occurred after spending hours behind making additions and changes at the last minute to the legislation which is over 2000 pages.

According to Chuck Schumer, the senators from the bipartisan group have finished writing the infrastructure bill’s texts, and it would be a short while when he would take the steps according to the procedure for making their language of the legislation the basis of the infrastructure bill.

Since the text has been completed, it is submitted by Chuck Schumer as a substitute amendment. This has made the text the basis of the infrastructure bill. According to Schumer, relevant amendments can be quickly processed by the Senate and the bill can be passed in a few days, given the nature of the bill.

Chuck Schumer Gives His Comments On The Bill

After the finalization of the infrastructure bill was announced, Chuck Schumer praised the efforts of the group and stated that it is not an easy task to get major bills done in the Senate. It is even more difficult when the bill is bipartisan. Alongside, he also made it a point to mention that for decades, Congress had not passed a bill, with such a substantial investment behind a single cause. He commended the hard work that was put in by everyone involved. Over half of the funding allocated to the bill which comes round to about $550 billion, is funding from the federal government that is meant to spend over the next five years.

Chuck Schumer also put emphasis on his strategy and target of passing both a resolution of the budget and the infrastructure bill before the recess of August. Before the announcement on Sunday night, the members belonging to the bipartisan group also spoke on the floor of the Senate.