Comprehensive Solution for Outlook Export 

Outlook email extraction kit
Outlook email extraction kit

Today, the choice of mail clients is abundant. Users manage their e-correspondence through desktop tools, mobile apps, and websites. Despite its wide popularity, Outlook is not free of flaws. These specific imperfections prompt some people to make the switch to a new mailing environment. This makes the export of messages unavoidable. But what is the best way to attain the goal? 

Fortunately, all-in-one software solutions get the job done in a flash. Any experienced user knows that manual attempts cause data corruption all too often. Therefore, an Outlook email extraction kit is the only way to move emails safely and securely, with all attachments intact. However, this software is much more versatile. Here is the overview of the goals it can achieve. 

Range of Tasks 

This single tool has the power to get multiple jobs done. On the one hand, it guarantees a safe transfer environment. The scope ranges from a few messages to obtainment of multi-format data. All source information is exported and converted safely, accurately, and fast.  

The automated system performs three essential functions. Aside from effortless transfer, you may convert PST data and even generate forensic reports! The latter is used to expose leak sources, reveal policy violators, and spot theft of confidential data. There is also more than one destination format. In addition to *.PST as the default Outlook choice, you may generate: 

  • a PDF/TXT/RTF document,  
  • HTML/MHT, 
  • TNEF, 
  • MSG/EML, 
  • vCard (VCF/vCalendar (VCS)/iCalendar (ICS). 

Detectives and IT security staff recognize the benefits of extraction kits. Not only is it possible to see how valuable data got leaked, but the system will also create court-friendly evidence in the PDF format.  

Basic Principles of Extraction Kits 

Modern systems are developed with different skill levels in mind. Even inexperienced users can easily comprehend the principles of extraction. It is impossible to get lost in these three simple steps:  

  1.  launch the app,  

 2. specify the source, 

 3.choose the export option.  

Even multi-format operations require little participation from the user. Now, finding the right email in a huge volume of correspondence is no challenge. Investigators convert their specified range into a CSV file that works with Excel. Next, the crucial messages are exported as HTML or MHT and then presented to the court of law. 

Back up Tool 

Most users forget to back up their correspondence. This could lead to serious implications, especially in the corporate setting. However, as big storage files are likely to become corrupted, it is worth saving your data through reliable utilities.  

Convenience and Versatility 

The biggest benefit of extraction kits is their power to hit several targets. A few clicks are all it takes to transfer e-correspondence safely and securely, even if it includes different formats. Move your emails along with attachments, calendars, and address lists. Back up your mail safely. If you are a security professional, conduct investigations with advanced tools, and generate solid evidence against violators of corporate policies! Overall, the benefits are multiple!

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