Concussion Substitute Likely After Raul Jimenez Incident

Concussion Substitute
Concussion Substitute

The trial for the concussion substitute of additional players of the Premier League is likely to start at the beginning of the next year in 2021. This news has come following the confirmation from the Wolves that Raul Jimenez, their striker has recently undergone surgery owing to a fracture in his skull. This fracture was due to the clashing of his head with David Luiz, an Arsenal player, during a Premier League match on 29th November, Sunday.

Wolves have stated that their Mexican striker did not face any discomfort after he underwent the operation. Raul Jimenez was also visited by Daniela, his partner, and has been on complete rest. He will be kept under observation over the next few days as he gradually recovers.

Concussion Substitute A Possibility

This incident of Raul Jimenez’s fracture has now resulted in calling in the extras to fill in as concussion substitutes. Lukas Brud, executive of IFAB, has stated to the Guardian that this will eventually result in replacements. Brud further added that if protocols get approved soon enough, the trials can be held immediately.

The association of brain injury called Headway has recently expressed their disappointment and anger on the IFAB due to their constant failures at protecting the players from getting concussions. This statement was made by Headway after the skull fracture of Raul Jimenez resulted in calling for a concussion substitute.

Luke Griggs, the deputy executive of Headway, has also stated David Luiz continued playing despite the blood from his head kept oozing out of the bandage prior to getting substituted during half-time.

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