Confederate Statues’ Elimination From The US Capitol Attempted

Confederate Statues
Confederate Statues

The House of Congress of the United States of America is making its best efforts to remove the Confederate statues that are situated in the Capitol building. The members of the House are expected to submit their votes to one of the resolutions that deal with the subject. They are trying hard to remove the statue of Roger B. Taney, the ex-chief justice of the country. He is known in the country for giving the decision in the Supreme Court called the “Dred Scott decision.” The Congressmen are trying hard to honor Thurgood Marshall instead. He was the Supreme Court Justice belonging to the community of African Americans.

Confederate Statues And Democratic Principles

It is to be noted that the effort of displacing the Confederate statues has bipartisan support. However, the debate that took place concerning the matter did not go in a harmonious manner. Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader of the House, gave a statement during the debate that was offensive towards the Democrat Congressman. Initially, he agreed on removing the controversial statues. But he also pointed out that all the figures whose statues are being eliminated belonged to the Democratic party.

The statement given by Republican Kevin Mccarthy concerning the subject of Confederate statues was responded to by Steny Hoyer, the Democrat. The Representative opened his statement by agreeing with the Republican and claimed that his party was a “segregationist” one. However, he added that it was his party who later decided the principles that they did not want to follow. And that was a conscious decision.  

The concerned legislation with regard to the Confederate statues will be done by just replacing the bust of Taney, but they will also eliminate those of James P. Clarke, Charles Aycock, and John C. Calhoun. They were the three historic officials who defended White Supremacy, segregation, and slavery.