Supreme Court’s Recent Rulings Hardened The Case Of Deportations

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The Supreme Court of the United States of America took a decision concerning the undocumented immigrants of the country. The decision came this Thursday. As per the ruling, the currently residing immigrants in the country without any documents will have a very hard time to battle deportation.

Supreme Court Vs Clemente Pereida

The Supreme court gave the decision following a case involving a person who was residing in the country with an inauthentic id proof, Clemente Pereida. He was there for a total of 25 years. He worked as a janitor on the basis of a social security card that was a fake one.

The total amount of fine that was charged to Clemente Pereida was 100 USD. It was done so under the law of the state of Nebraska. According to the rulings of other lower courts, he committed enough crime to cause his deportation. The reason for this was because Clemente Pereida had committed a “moral turpitude” crime under the laws of the state.

Justice Neil Gorsuch gave an opinion with regard to the case. He stated that according to the Supreme Court, the entire burden of the case was on the shoulders of the convict. It was all up to him to prove that he was not guilty of moral turpitude. However, he did not succeed in doing so.

The argument that was placed by the Pereida rejected the idea of the crime. It was stated that the crime that committed was not supposed to come under the “moral turpitude” banner.  And if the government is pressing on it then there has to be given some evidence to prove that fact.

After the ruling that the Supreme Court gave, it made the case of deportation a lot stronger. The immigrants without the required documents will have a hard time getting the Attorney General’s special dispensations.